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Natural Area Restoration

Natural Area Restoration Services

Natural area restoration involves restoring the natural assets and resilience of native vegetation communities that have been degraded by weed infestation and unsustainable land practices. Skill and a sound understanding of natural resource processes is required to prepare and coordinate a successful management project.

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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Environmental Education involves everyone. Because of its very nature and importance, environmental education cannot be confined to any one group in our society. I have nineteen years experience designing and delivering environmental education to government, industry, the media, educational institutions, community and school groups as well as individuals.

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environmental project management


A comprehensive environmental project management service offering 'hands-on' environmental project management from inception to final reporting.

Established in the industry since 1998 coordinating a broad array of environmental planning, restoration, research and education projects working in both field and office environments.

Projects cover a diverse range of natural area restoration issues across varied ecosystems, educational settings and subregions of the Far North Coast Bioregion

Past contracts have included client groups such as not-for-profit community organisations, private landowner/managers, local state and federal governments and education providers.

current projects


Habitat Action Grant for Riparian Restoration at Whyralla

Wildlife Corridors

Extending wildlife corridor restoration works - Part 2

Expanding Habitat

Expanding high conservation value habitats & corridors