Natural Area Restoration

Natural area restoration involves restoring the natural assets and resilience of native vegetation communities that have been degraded by weed infestation and unsustainable land practices. Skill and a sound understanding of natural resource processes is required to prepare and coordinate a successful management project.

I have been coordinating natural area restoration projects to a high standard since 1999.
The coordination role begins at the projects inception and passes through many phases depending on the contract or the funding body requirements, ending with the final report.
Projects current & completed focus on the rehabilitation and management of the natural & altered environments including; native bush, old growth forest, riparian corridors along creek banks, coastal habitats, wetlands and degraded land. Excellent outcomes have been achieved on a broad range of projects.
Professionalism, integrity and a passion for the natural environment ensure a high quality service is delivered by the due date and within budget.
On-ground environmental work is undertaken by skilled & trained bush regenerators with many years experience, all work is under the direct supervision of Julie Reid. The business enjoys professional support from a diverse array of specialist contractors, community groups and partners.
The business aim is to conserve and manage natural areas by offering integrated environmental management and services including:

  • Advice & assistance with preparing funding applications and budgets
  • Preparation of reports as per the specific requirements of the funding body
  • Monitoring and evaluation of contracted work
  • Site assessments with recommendation for optimum environmental outcomes
  • Preparation of site, property or regional plans of management for natural environments
  • Environmental weed control using techniques specific to the target weed
  • Plant identification and recording (flora surveys)
  • Assisted regeneration and infill planting to restore native vegetation communities
  • Revegetation services including planting, direct seeding and maintenance of plants
  • Seed collection, processing & storage
  • Native plant propagation from seed collected on site or with local provenance
  • Fauna Surveys
  • Complete environmental planning and management services